How I Made $14,282 With Pinterest Affiliate Marketing

Pinterest Affiliate Marketing: Single pin like this could be making you hundreds of dollars every single month hi I’m going to be showing you how you can scale your income to ten thousand dollars every single month using Pinterest you’ll be able to do this even if you have a brand new account using the exact strategy that made me $14,282 in one month with a couple of viral pins see when I was casually using Pinterest around two years ago

I would repost pictures and get millions of views per pin that always consisted of thousands of comments asking where can I buy this where do I get this where is the link for this and it genuinely pains me to think about how much money I missed out on from not putting affiliate links in any of those pins now that I’m older and significantly smarter I’ve mastered the art of monetizing all of my Pinterest accounts in multiple different niches and I’m going to show you exactly how you can do the same.

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firstly let’s get into the basics we need to understand Pinterest to know exactly how to leverage the stats in order to make the most amount of money so if you didn’t know this is currently 450 million people using Pinterest every single month so To This Day Pinterest is one of the absolute best free traffic methods you can use especially if you don’t want to be a social media influencer or have your face all over the Internet

another important statistic you should know is that over 76 of these users are women so we know that the odds would be in our favor if we decided to promote a product that was specifically targeted towards women also with the knowledge that Pinterest is a photo based platform we know that the highest performing products are probably going to be aesthetic and Visually appealing so now that we’re equipped with this information.

Choose the Perfect Affiliate Programs

To start making money with Pinterest affiliate marketing, sign up for affiliate programs that target feminine products. Consider niches that attract a specific audience in the female-dominated market. Brainstorm ideas and select three related niches or focus on one niche. Use a quick Google search to find trusted affiliate programs related to your chosen niche. Sign up for marketplaces like Amazon, Impact Radius, and Awin, which offer a wide range of brands in various niches.

we can get right into the first step which is to sign up for the perfect affiliate programs so considering that over 76 of the users are female we know that we should be focusing on feminine products right so we need to have a niche in mind to attract a very specific audience because just targeting women is very broad so we could easily go for something like fashion skincare Hair Care recipes even the parenting Niche or interior design is a really good one

basically any female dominated Niche that you know you’ll be able to find aesthetic pictures for don’t overthink this because you can always Rebrand later down the line the important thing is to just get started so brainstorm a few ideas of what you want to promote and those are going to be your three niches and if they happen to be related like skincare hair care and cosmetics you could go ahead and group them all together if not just pick one and we can move into the next part which is finding programs that have products in your Niche.

Find Your Programs with Products Niche

so to do this you’re going to do a quick Google search for best affiliate programs in your Niche and this should provide you with a whole bunch of results from Google with websites that have affiliate programs that you can sign up for in your Niche regardless of whatever Niche or theme you’ve chosen

I strongly recommend Amazon partner program as one of the must-have affiliate programs in your list because it’s a very well-known Online Marketplace so we know that it’s trusted and reliable and it has a huge range of products that you can promote

I also recommend that you sign up for impact radius and a win these are both huge affiliate marketplaces that you can find a whole bunch of products in every single Niche and they typically have a lot of well-known brands that you can go ahead.

partner with sign up for at least five of these programs this should take you under 10 minutes because it’s very easy you just put in your name your email and a couple of details about yourself and once you have access you can go ahead.

familiarize yourself with all of the products on this Marketplace so be sure to find a couple of products that you really want to promote typically what I like to look for is the price of your product so if I’m in the Cosmetics industry I’ll probably go for perfumes if you happen to pick interior designers your Niche which is one of my pages you’re going to be making a lot of money

because think about if you’re getting 20 of a thousand dollars so far that means that you’ll be getting 200 into your pocket from one referral so imagine if you get just 10 of these referrals every single month that’s an extra one thousand dollars no no it’s not that’s an extra two thousand dollars every single month anyway let’s not get too ahead of ourselves.

Optimize Your Pinterest Account

Move into the next part which is setting up and optimizing your Pinterest account so now that we have our Niche and our affiliate programs ready we’re just gonna go ahead and prep our account if you already have a Pinterest account that’s great if not go ahead and create one and change it to a business account you can do this by going to your account settings and just changing it to a business account and from here we’re going to optimize the account for the sake of today’s article.

I’m gonna pretend that I’m in the fashion Niche so I’m going to be doing women’s Street Wear specifically and in order to optimize it I need to add some keywords to my name to make sure it’s searchable what I mean by this is that if someone types in women’s streetwear in the search bar on Pinterest and filters it by person I will be showing up and if you’re lazy like me you can even use chat gbt to write your description I use the prompt write me a short Pinterest description that is SEO optimized in whatever the niche is now from

here you can upload your cover and profile picture if you want this could be a picture of yourself or any picture that you find on the internet that relates to your theme if you’re actually like me you could even use humble and create an entire logo and banner using Canva templates to make your account look a lot more professional and once you’ve done that you can move into the next step which is create an engaging pins and sharing them.

Promote Affiliate Links with Bundle Pins

I’m going to show you how to create or Source content for your Pinterest and how to correctly add your affiliate links so you can start making one with these pins and before you get all skept up one thing how are people supposed to trust my Pinterest account that only has like a hundred followers and make a purchase of it on Pinterest a lot of the time people don’t really care about how many likes or followers you have if they see something that they like they will want to just go ahead and buy it but

yeah let’s go through my top five pin styles that I’ll usually promote my affiliate links with and I’m only going to show you how to design my main pin type because this is a pin style that I notice has higher conversions and also because I don’t want to make the Article super long but don’t stress because I have a really useful free tool to help you create most of these other pins really really quickly and very easily even if you’re not too artistically inclined so what you’re going to do is

sign up for a free canva account and scroll through the Pinterest pin templates until you see something that you like from here you can select your PIN template and start building off your vision and the good thing about using these templates is that they’re already the perfect ratio to upload on your Pinterest.

But yeah let’s get into my top five pin Styles the first one like I said is my highest converting so this style are called the bundle pin which basically bundles a bunch of products together that someone will be interested in and they’re basically upsells for each other so for this there’s unlimited options you can create some a must-haves and have like outfit ideas which is what I do you could put together body care so like matching scents or skincare bundles for a specific skin type or you can even put furniture that would go well together just anything

that will make someone go oh my gosh I could see myself putting something like this together let me go and buy at least three of these items so I can put this outfit or this bundle or whatever it is together these ones work really well because a lot of people don’t like having to think or do like a lot of research on bundles that will go well together

a lot of people actually find it stressful to go and find outfit ideas or they find it stressful to find like a new skincare bundle or whatever it is and if it’s all in this one post and the links are conveniently attached there they’re gonna go ahead and make that purchase.

Different Types of Pinterest Content

now style number two is what is called infographic this one normally includes a lot more text because it’s informing people on something so depending on your Niche it would look something similar to this number three is literally just a fancy one product
showcase so if you have this product yourself you can go ahead and just take some really fancy pictures of it or you can find some aesthetic pictures on the internet and just crop it out. turn it into a nice little canva design now the next two content types that I normally post are the laziest ways to grow a Pinterest account but they do work really really well

How I Made $14,282 With Pinterest Affiliate Marketing (FULL TUTORIAL)

Repurpose Viral Content

Don’t have time to create original content? Repurposing viral Instagram or TikTok videos on Pinterest can attract clicks. However, make sure to remove the watermark before reposting. You can use a TikTok logo remover to remove the watermark easily. Always credit the original creators of the content to maintain integrity. Consistently uploading eye-catching pins with affiliate links will generate cash over time.


Pinterest affiliate marketing is a lucrative opportunity to make money online. By choosing the right affiliate programs, optimizing your account, and creating compelling pins, you can earn a significant income. Remember to focus on providing value to your audience and building trust. With consistency and dedication, you too can achieve success with Pinterest affiliate marketing.

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