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Today we will do a detailed review of placeit Hi Guys, Here I do reviews related to digital tools Placeit is an online design tool and I have reviewed this earlier Its been 2 years since its review I am going to do its review now for 2023

It can be used by

We will try to cover everything in this article focused on mockup, it is for creators.

It is for eCommerce, for the print on demand users, designers, freelancers, creators and developers. We will cover everything in this video and we will know this tool is good for whom. Review

  1. Ease of Ust
  2. Customer Support
  3. Pricing

Overview of Placeit

What are its benefits, pros, cons, and whether you should buy this or not. At what pricing it is going to be, everything in this article So let’s get started

So this is the website of and we are going to review this You will get mockup, design, logos, videos and gaming it comes by Envato. It is a big marketplace and you get creative assets, tools and talent. Basically, all the digital assets are getting acquired by Envato gradually

Placeit Review
Placeit Review

There are a lot of companies, which are under them and Envato elements are one of them I have done a detailed review of Envato elements Link, It is a good service, and I have its subscription too.

Envato Acquisition and Placeit Offerings

It seems like you’re highlighting the different functionalities and offerings of Envato Market, Placeit, and Envato Tuts+. These platforms provide a range of resources, from editable templates and designs to music and mockups. Licensing is a crucial aspect, especially for commercial use and selling to clients.

Envato Market offers individual file purchases, while Placeit enables direct online editing of templates, designs, and mockups. Licensing for commercial use and even selling these assets to clients is a significant advantage, especially for logos and designs that might be printed or used for trademarks.

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However, there are limitations. Items from these platforms can’t be distributed as stock images, templates, or design tools. For instance, if you create a design using Placeit and download a logo, then attempt to sell that logo in the same place, it’s not allowed. Mockups taken from these platforms can’t be portrayed as direct endorsements of a brand; they’re intended to be models only.

Overall, the licensing terms are well-explained and allow for selling to clients, which is a notable benefit. Just be mindful of the restrictions to ensure compliance with the licensing terms.

Understanding Placeit Mockup

Placeit boasts an impressive repository of over 38,000 placeit mockup, offering a wide array of options for users, particularly starting with T-shirt mockups.

Understanding Placeit Mockups

T-Shirt Mockups Variety

Users have the liberty to create designs on T-shirts, integrating logos effortlessly. The platform offers diverse model options, catering to specific preferences. Whether seeking male or female models or requiring specific ethnicities like Asian or Indian models, Placeit provides a multitude of choices. Moreover, themed options like Christmas or fitness-themed models further enhance the diversity available.

Model Collection and Customization

The platform prides itself on showcasing unique faces, ensuring a varied collection with distinct workout scenarios. Users can leverage filters and easily incorporate their images, even selecting shirt colors as per their preferences.

Seamless Mockup Creation

Placeit facilitates the easy creation of mockups, ensuring clear visibility and an authentic look on T-shirts. Users can create mockup videos, customizing elements such as T-shirt colors for logos or brand representation.

Versatility with Device Mockups

Besides T-shirt mockups, Placeit offers an extensive range of mockups tailored for device showcases. These include mockups for iPhones and Android devices, allowing developers uploading apps to the Play Store to utilize models for app ad placements. This versatility extends to marketing endeavors, aiding in promotional materials’ creation and enhancement.

Video Mockups and Templates

Video Mockups and Templates

While lacking specific templates, Placeit offers a decent range of video mockups. Users can create and customize video templates, albeit without the depth of pre-set formats, showcasing potential for further development in this area.

Overall, Placeit provides a diverse range of mockup options, particularly excelling in T-shirt designs and model diversity. Its utility extends to various domains, from app development to marketing endeavors, although certain areas like video templates might benefit from further enhancement.

Diverse Print-on-Demand Mockups

Diverse Print-on-Demand Mockups
  • Book Covers and Poster Mockups
    In addition to T-shirt designs, Placeit extends its mockup repertoire to encompass print-on-demand materials like book covers and posters. Users can explore a variety of models to complement these designs, enhancing the visual representation and customization options.
  • Bags and Mug Mockups
    The platform also provides mockups tailored for bags, recognizing the potential market for bag-related designs. Moreover, the ever-popular mug business receives attention with specialized mockups for printing designs. These offerings cater to users interested in creating customized mugs, tapping into the current demand for personalized items.
  • Creative Possibilities
    For users delving into the mug business or selling bags, Placeit mockup options offer ample creative opportunities. By allowing users to print designs on these items and visualize them through mockups, the platform facilitates the generation of various design concepts and ideas.

Example: Book Mockup

Diverse Print-on-Demand Book Mockups
placeit mockup

An example of a book mockup generated using Placeit showcases the platform’s capabilities in creating visually appealing representations for print-on-demand products.

Placeit expansive range of print-on-demand mockups, covering book covers, posters, bags, and mugs, serves as a valuable resource for individuals and businesses seeking creative avenues in these markets. The platform’s focus on visualizing designs on diverse products contributes to the overall enhancement of the print-on-demand experience.

Placeit Design Tool Overview

Placeit Logo Options and Download Features
  • T-Shirt Designs and Logos
    Placeit design tool offers an extensive and impressive collection of T-shirt designs. The platform stands out for its easily editable designs, allowing users to modify logos and visualize the entire collection conveniently. The tool provides accessible logos placed conveniently on the right side for users’ utilization.
  • Customization and Design Creation
    Users can seamlessly customize T-shirt designs by incorporating various elements like specific logos, background adjustments, and additional images. The user-friendly interface facilitates the process, ensuring high-quality T-shirt designs. Additionally, the tool serves as a source of inspiration, providing users with creative ideas for their designs.
  • Evaluation of Other Design Elements
    While T-shirt designs stand out as a strength, other design elements like social media posts, Instagram posts, and stories are perceived as average. Comparatively, Canva, a design platform solely dedicated to such content creation, is recommended for these specific design needs. According to the review, Canva’s free version offers superior performance for these purposes.
  • Canva vs. Placeit for Designing
    The review emphasizes Canva’s supremacy in overall design functionalities, citing it as unbeatable in the current market. However, for T-shirt designing specifically, Placeit stands out for its commendable collection and ease of use, making it a preferable choice for this niche.

In summary, while Placeit excels in T-shirt designs and offers creative inspiration, Canva surpasses it in catering to a wider array of design needs such as social media and Instagram posts. Placeit remains a valuable resource specifically for T-shirt designing but recommends Canva for broader design requirements.

Placeit Logo Options and Download Features

Placeit Logo Options and Download Features
  • Logo Variety and Ease of Editing
    Placeit offers a diverse array of logo options, presenting users with a wide selection that’s easily editable. Users can modify both text and logos effortlessly, ensuring flexibility and customization according to their preferences.
  • User-Friendly Templates
    The platform provides user-friendly templates for logos that are directly usable, eliminating the need for extensive editing or design expertise. These templates offer decent options, enabling users to create professional-looking logos with relative ease.
  • Pricing and Download Options
    A significant advantage of Placeit current offering is the removal of additional fees for logo downloads. Previously, users had to pay an extra $20 for every logo used or sold to a client. However, under the updated annual plan, users can download unlimited logos without incurring extra charges, enhancing affordability and flexibility.
  • Download Format Limitation
    Despite the benefits, Placeit presently only offers logo downloads in PNG format, lacking the option for vector file downloads. This limitation may pose a challenge for users seeking higher-quality or scalable versions of logos.

In summery, Placeit logo repository boasts variety and ease of customization without additional fees, now offering unlimited downloads under the annual plan. However, the absence of vector file download options limits the flexibility for users who require higher-quality formats for their logo designs.

Gaming Logos and Mascots on Placeit

Gaming Logos and Mascots on Placeit
  • Gaming Logo Variety
    Placeit offers a dedicated section for gaming logos, catering specifically to gamers or those in the gaming industry. Users can explore a diverse collection of logos tailored for gaming purposes, including a wide range of themes, styles, and designs suitable for gaming brands or individuals within the gaming community.
  • Emphasis on Mascots
    Notably, Placeit platform houses an impressive collection of mascots. These mascots serve as integral elements for gaming logos or branding, providing users with an extensive variety of characters, creatures, or avatars. The mascot collection is deemed exceptional, offering a plethora of options that cater to different gaming preferences and styles.
  • Utilization in Gaming Design
    These gaming logos and mascots serve as foundational elements for gaming-related designs, enhancing brand representation, stream overlays, merchandise, or any other visual elements associated with gaming endeavors. Their diversity and quality contribute significantly to creating compelling and visually appealing gaming content.

Placeit Video Maker

  • Video Creation and Templates
    Placeit video maker offers users the ability to create videos using online templates for various purposes such as intros, slideshows, and more. The platform provides a range of templates designed to assist in the creation of engaging video content.
  • Assessment of Video Animation and Music
    The video animation quality is deemed satisfactory, indicating a positive aspect of the platform. However, there are concerns regarding the music collection’s synchronization with the video content. According to the reviewer’s experience, the current music collection lacks proper synchronization with the visuals, which can hinder the overall quality of the videos.
  • Importance of Music in Video Creation
    The review highlights the crucial role of music in video creation, emphasizing the significance of synchronized audio that complements and enhances the visual content. Proper synchronization between video and music is essential for creating engaging and professional-looking videos.
  • User-Created Content and Placeit Contribution
    The reviewer presents examples of content created using Placeit, noting the acceptable quality of music in some instances. The content, created directly from Placeit templates, showcases the platform’s capabilities in generating different types of video content.
  • Availability of Content
    All the assets or content produced using Placeit are accessible via a link provided in the description. Users can explore and evaluate the content created through Placeit to understand the range of products that can be generated using the platform.

In summary, Placeit video maker offers various templates for video creation, but there are concerns regarding the synchronization of music with the video content. While the animation quality is commendable, improvements in music selection and synchronization are suggested for enhanced user experience.

Understanding Placeit Subscription Details

Placeit, a versatile platform for design templates and mock-ups, offers various subscription options tailored to different user needs.

Understanding Placeit Subscription Details

Free Account Access:

For those looking to explore Placeit without commitment, a free account is available via their website. This allows access to a selection of free templates and mock-ups offered on the platform.

Premium Subscription:

To unlock Placeit complete array of features and resources, users need to upgrade to the premium subscription tier. It’s essential to note that unlike some services, Placeit premium package lacks a standard free trial period.

Individual Purchases:

Alternatively, users can opt for individual purchases of items like mock-ups, design templates, videos, and logos. These items are available at $1.97 monthly or $23.69 annually, although these prices might change in the future.

Subscription Specifics:

Monthly subscriptions renew automatically unless canceled by the user. However, cancellation is flexible and can be done at any time. Importantly, even after cancellation, users retain access to their previous work.

Moreover, every purchase, whether individual or part of a subscription, includes a commercial license, permitting commercial use of the acquired assets.

Suitability and Use Cases:

Placeit shines in enhancing the visual appeal of e-commerce websites. It’s an ideal tool for individuals or businesses aiming to elevate the aesthetics of their online storefronts.

However, the impact of using Placeit may vary based on the user’s design proficiency. Users with basic design skills may find Placeit beneficial, but results could differ for those with more advanced design abilities.

Considerations for Use:

  • User Proficiency: Basic design skill users seeking a wide array of templates within budget constraints may find Placeit suitable.
  • Feature Preferences: Users desiring features like custom font uploads or preferring per-item payments might find Placeit subscription model less aligned with their needs.
  • Financial Constraints: For those with limited finances, evaluating the subscription’s cost against benefits becomes crucial before committing to Placeit.
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Envato Placeit Pros and Cons


  • Commercial Use: Placeit allows commercial usage, offering unlimited downloads.
  • Extensive Mockups Database: The platform boasts an expansive library of mockups.
  • Affordable Pricing: Backed by Envato, Placeit pricing is remarkably reasonable.
  • Unlimited Logos: Users don’t face additional charges for downloading unlimited logos.


  • Limited Logo Formats: Logos are downloadable only in PNG format; vector graphics aren’t available.
  • Lack of Mobile Apps: Placeit doesn’t offer dedicated apps for Android or iOS.
  • Designing Capability: Canva surpasses Placeit in design maturity. Bottom Line

It sounds like you’re talking about leveraging a tool for various creative endeavors, especially for those venturing into eCommerce, freelancing, or design. Fiverr seems like a great platform to start generating assets and earning through freelancing gigs. Once you get a hang of it, diving into more advanced platforms like Envato Elements can help elevate the quality of your work.

Consistency and improvement over time definitely make a difference in freelancing success. If this tool aligns with your goals and the steps you’ve outlined, it might be worth exploring further. Remember, it’s okay to skip if it doesn’t fit your current needs.

Also, about the call to action at the end, liking and subscribing can be valuable for content creators, as it helps them produce more content you might find useful. Keep exploring and growing – that’s the way to go!

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