Newest Pinterest Affiliate Marketing Strategy: Earn Your First $100 Fast

Are you tired of logging into an affiliate dashboard that looks like a maze? You might have spent hours watching YouTube videos on affiliate marketing and still find yourself without a single dollar in earnings. You’re not alone in your frustration. Many aspiring affiliate marketers face this issue. In this article, we’ll delve into how you can break free from this curse, make at least $100 with affiliate marketing, and transform your affiliate dashboard. We’ll do all of this using the power of Pinterest.

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Pinterest Affiliate Marketing Strategy
Pinterest Affiliate Marketing Strategy

Section 1: The Pinterest Advantage

Understanding the Challenge

Affiliate marketing can be a tough nut to crack, especially with so much competition. You’ve probably tried various strategies, but the results you expected are often elusive. So, why Pinterest? Because it’s a platform that has successfully transformed the affiliate marketing game for many, offering access to substantial, organic traffic.

Pinterest Affiliate Marketing Strategy
pinterest affiliate marketing

The Pinterest Success Stories

Imagine Pinterest accounts that are making thousands of dollars every month by implementing a specific strategy. The real game-changer here is that you don’t need any prior experience. We will explore how you can follow in their footsteps and create a dashboard that looks nothing like your current maze.

Section 2: Pinterest Affiliate Marketing Strategy

Real Method, Real Money

Let’s address the elephant in the room first – this is no fake hypothesis or flimsy scheme. The method we’re about to explore is a proven way to make money with affiliate marketing, and it relies on free traffic sources. We’re talking about a tangible, practical approach that you can use to boost your earnings.

Pinterest’s Power Unleashed

Here’s where the magic happens. Pinterest can become your most potent ally in the world of affiliate marketing. Consider this: a Pinterest account with just 3,200 followers can generate a staggering 3 million views on its pins every single month. Another account, with 260,000 views, isn’t even creating its videos. Yet, these accounts are raking in tens of thousands of dollars monthly. But how do they do it? We’ll dig into the specifics.

pinterest affiliate marketing strategy

Solving the Mystery

The real question is, how are these accounts generating such substantial income? More importantly, how can you implement a more advanced version of their strategy to earn your first $100 with affiliate marketing? We’ll provide all the answers you need in this article.

Section 3: Finding Your Niche

A Critical First Step

One of the fundamental elements of affiliate marketing success is choosing the right niche. In this section, we’ll guide you on selecting a niche that resonates with your interests and has the potential for great results.

Pinterest Marketing: Finding Your Niche

Trends and Timeliness

To get started, visit Here, you can explore the trending topics on Pinterest. Select keywords that are trending year-round. Seasonal trends may provide short-term boosts but won’t offer a sustainable source of traffic.

pinterest affiliate marketing tips

For our example, we’ll use woodworking. It’s a classic choice, but remember that many other niches can offer even more significant success. Choose one that you genuinely like and aligns with the Pinterest categories like self-help, cooking, spirituality, home and garden, or parenting.

Section 4: Setting Up Your Pinterest Account

The Business account

To embark on your Pinterest affiliate marketing journey, you’ll need a Pinterest business account. Creating one is a straightforward process that should take no more than five minutes. Simply navigate to, sign up, and select “Convert to Business Account” from your profile picture.

pinterest affiliate marketing tips

You’ll need to provide a name and a bio for your account. If you find it challenging to come up with a name and bio, you can use tools like ChatGPT to help you create them.

Adding a Professional Touch

To give your account a professional look, consider adding a banner. Canva, a free graphic design website, is an excellent resource for crafting a visually appealing banner that aligns with your niche. With minimal experience, you can create a banner that enhances your profile’s aesthetics and credibility.

Pinterest Affiliate Marketing Strategy

Section 5: Uploading Pins to Your Account

The Repurposing Strategy

One of the keys to Pinterest success is the ability to share engaging content regularly. You don’t have to create your videos from scratch. In fact, many successful Pinterest accounts repurpose content from platforms like TikTok. As long as you credit the original creators, you’re good to go.

Finding and Sharing Content

Start by searching for relevant content on TikTok. For instance, if you’re in the woodworking niche, you can look for woodworking tips on TikTok. Download the TikToks without watermarks using a tool like Snap TikTok. Then, head to your Pinterest account, create pins, and upload the TikToks. Craft engaging titles and captions, emphasizing the link in your bio.

Pinterest Affiliate Marketing Strategy

Here’s how to find and repost content on Pinterest:

  • Identify your niche, e.g., ‘Woodworking.’
  • Visit TikTok and search for related keywords, such as ‘woodworking tips.’
  • Download TikToks without watermarks using a tool like SnapTik.
  • Upload the TikToks to your Pinterest account as pins.
Pinterest Affiliate Marketing Strategy

Ensure that you create engaging titles and captions for your pins. You can gather inspiration from your competitors and tweak them to suit your content. Prominently feature the link in your bio or the one within the pin and encourage viewers to click. Don’t forget to provide proper credit to the video creator in your captions.

Section 6: Building a High-Converting Landing Page

The Hub of Conversions

Pinterest Affiliate Marketing Strategy

The next crucial step is building a high-converting landing page. To do this, you need a product to promote. If you’re a beginner, platforms like ClickBank can help you find suitable products. Look for products with high gravity scores. For our example, we’ll use Ted’s Woodworking.

Landing Page Made Easy

GetResponse is an excellent tool to create your landing page. They offer a landing page builder and email marketing capabilities, all available in the free plan. You can even access pro features for 30 days by clicking Here.

Pinterest Affiliate Marketing Strategy

Here’s how to set up your landing page:

  • Sign up for a free GetResponse plan.
  • Access the landing page builder in the ‘Tools’ section.
  • Choose a blank template to keep your landing page simple and effective.

Simple and Effective

When creating your landing page, keep it simple and direct. Choose a blank template to create a clear and uncluttered page that resonates with your audience.

Adding Elements

Incorporate a compelling title, a relevant image, and a sign-up form to collect email addresses. Configure the form to redirect to your affiliate product if someone doesn’t make a purchase. This way, you can capture their email address for future marketing efforts.

Section 8: The Final Steps

Pinterest Affiliate Marketing Strategy

Now that you have your landing page ready, copy its URL and place it on Pinterest. Remember to use a link tree to manage multiple links efficiently. Schedule your pins to upload consistently throughout the day.


Affiliate marketing on Pinterest is a powerful strategy that can transform your earnings and provide a much more rewarding experience. By selecting the right niche, setting up your Pinterest account, sharing engaging content, and creating an effective landing page, you can boost your affiliate marketing success. Remember that success often requires persistence and a willingness to adapt and learn. With dedication and the right approach, you can elevate your affiliate marketing journey and break free from the curse of unproductive dashboards. Embrace Pinterest, and let your earnings soar!

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