Envato Elements Review 2023: Details, Pricing & More

Today we will do a detailed review of Envato Elements, Hi Guys, I usually make review article on digital tools and services Today we are going to talk about Envato elements, This is a service, which is beneficial for almost everyone Today I will explain it in detail, What is my experience, I have been using this since a long time ago, I will discuss this A-Z, how the licensing works, Can we pass on the license, everything, in this article…

Envato Elements Review 2023 Details, Pricing & More
Envato Elements Review 2023: Details, Pricing & More

Envato Elements Review: What is Envato?

It is a company formed in the year 2006 in Australia, And it is the biggest marketplace for digital assets in the whole world, So all the digital assets in the Envato market, Themeforest, VideoHive, CodeCanyon, AudioJungle, GraphicRiver, PhotoDune, 3dOcean, Everything comes under 1 marketplace, which is Envatomarket, So the files are individually buyed, If you need a theme or an audio file or stock footage, then for that I will have to pay individually

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Introducing Envato Elements

It is a subscription-based service, Like a monthly payment given by you and then you can do unlimited downloads There’s no limit to it but you will have to focus on the licensing, I will tell you all about this in detail, Envato Market is a big fish, then comes the selective content which is available in the Envato elements So whatever is in the Envato elements is in the Envato market But whatever is in the Envatomarket is not necessarily available in the Envatoelements But it doesn’t mean that the Envato Elements is not good The collection is good at present according to its price,

Pricing Plans

Envato Elements Review 2023: Pricing
Envato Elements Review 2023: Pricing

There are its 2 plans: One is the Monthly Plan of $33 and the other is Yearly Plan of $198 Its yearly plan is beneficial to you, you can get almost 50% OFF If you are a student, you will get an extra 30% OFF Before I move further in the review, there’s one thing I would like to make very clear, This article is not sponsored by Envato Elements If you’ll purchase from the links given below, I will get a commission, without you paying any extra costs, It would help me in doing unbiased detailed review videos, So thank you, for supporting me…

Exploring Envato Elements Assets

Let’s understand what we get in Envato Elements and what are its assets:

Stock Videos

Envato Elements Stock Videos
Envato Elements Stock Videos

So first, let’s start with the stock video, The stock video collection is very good, It is a very premium collection of stock footages, There are very good options for filters that are available, If you need video in slow motion, you can filter out that from settings, You also get contents from Alpha Channel, so the collection is decent In my experience, If you are looking for Royalty-free website for videos Envatoelements would be a good option just for videos, at that price point, All the videos, I have included in my videos, are from the stock video option

Video Templates


For those working with video editing software like After Effects, Premiere Pro, or Final Cut, Envato Elements provides an array of video templates, including logo strings and infographics. These templates simplify the process of creating engaging video content.

There are video templates, Video templates are templates for after effects, premiere pro and final cut Logo strings and infographics, and whatever you require would be easily available here, You can edit it from the software, I have made my channel intro from this file The sound effect was also from this, All the videos are taken from here itself, So I have downloaded everything and used it from here

Music and Sound Effects

You will get a good collection of music, If you create Vlogs and B-rolls, then you can find a good collection of music, I have personally liked its sort feature if you are looking for your various requirements, you can sort from the options mentioned to you I like the vocals too, so I can go through them.

Graphic Templates

Envato Elements Graphic Templates
Envato Elements Graphic Templates

Then there are graphic templates, Graphics templates include files of logs and photoshop files, I personally use it for product mockups and the infographics here are also very important, Suppose I am looking for a smartphone mockup, so I can find it easily, I can easily insert images of apps through this.



Graphic elements are essential for various creative projects, and Envato Elements delivers. Whether you’re designing thumbnails, creating app icons, or enhancing your blog posts, you’ll find a vast selection of graphics that cater to your specific needs.

Presentation Templates

Envato-Elements-Presentation Templates
Envato-Elements-Presentation Templates

If you frequently create presentations, you’ll appreciate the selection of presentation templates available on Envato Elements. These templates can significantly enhance the visual impact of your slideshows.


Elemento Elements Stock Photos
Elemento Elements Stock Photos

While the quality of Envato Elements’ photos is impressive, it’s essential to compare them to Shutterstock and Adobe Stock. For unique and distinctive images, Envato Elements offers a valuable alternative. With the acquisition of Twenty20 in 2020, the photo collection has expanded, ensuring you find the right images for your projects.


Envato Elements Fonts
Envato Elements Fonts

Envato Elements also provides a diverse collection of fonts that can elevate your design and branding efforts. Whether you’re working on web design or graphic design projects, you’ll find suitable fonts that add a professional touch.



The platform offers various add-ons, including Photoshop actions and LUTs (Look-Up Tables), enhancing your editing capabilities and giving your projects a unique edge.

Web Templates and WordPress

Envato Elemnets Web Templates and WordPress
Envato Elemnets Web Templates and WordPress

If you have to make HTML Websites and Email Templates Then there is WordPress, I do not have a good opinion for it, The main reason I do not use WordPress Themes and Plugins It does not support automatic updates The support is also not very good, The very important part in WordPress themes and plugin is Support and updates If you are not getting these two important elements, then I don’t think there is a benefit to use it So personally I am not using it, but if you want then you can try

Envato Elements Plugin

They have a WordPress Plugin which is really good, if you are using elementor, there are template kits, You can directly import elementor themes on your website, You can directly import all photos on your website, So this plugin is really good for those who are using elementor, It’s decent for those, who are directly importing photos One more thing, that I liked about this website is their search function, Envato and Envato market exist since a long time ago.

The Power of Envato Elements

So the search function is just the same The parameters for search function is different for everyone, They know, if they are searching for video, what filter options they would require, If someone is searching for fonts and photos, what all filter options they would require,

I have personally liked this function, as thee options are brought up after a lot of research Now we will talk about its license, which is a very important thing, How licensing can work and what all things are allowed and restricted

Envato Elements Licensing Explained

Envato Elements licensing is very simple and straightforward. Check the following points to know what the license terms say.

  • Every item you download from Envato Elements comes under a commercial license called the Envato Elements License.

This one simple license applies to all elements, so users don’t have to worry about obtaining separate licenses for different types of assets! This streamlines the licensing process for all downloads.

  • The license is single-use, meaning it can be used only once. If you want to use the same item in another project, it will have to be downloaded again and registered again.
  • You get future-proof licensing with Envato Elements. This means that if you decide to terminate your membership with Envato Elements, you can still continue to use the elements you already downloaded and registered.
  • The Envato Elements license comes with extensive commercial rights.

So you are free to use it in many ways – on your personal projects, on your clients’ projects, in advertising campaigns, promotional events and even on products you want to sell!

If you have any questions, I strongly recommend you read the Envato Elements Licensing FAQ page first. He has answered most of the questions related to licensing.

However, there are some limitations to what you can do with licensed items.

Limitations in licensing

Envato Elements prohibits these activities on its licensed items.

  • You may not resell or redistribute any items downloaded from Envato Elements. For example, downloading a stock image and selling it on Shutterstock is not allowed!
  • You may not use downloaded items for sale.

For example, printing a logo downloaded from Envato Elements on a T-shirt (without making any significant modifications to it) is not allowed.

  • You may not copyright/trademark any downloaded assets. You only have a license to use the items, you don’t necessarily own them.

Is licensing possible for customers?

Yes, you can sub-license downloaded assets to your customers. How do you do that? Just note down their details, which include

  • date
  • name of their company
  • Project License Name
  • A statement declaring that the particular item was purchased on Envato Elements.

After you transfer this document to your customers, the sub-license automatically comes into force.

But be sure to inform your customers about the license limitations – that they cannot resell, modify, redistribute, or trademark the item in any way!

Check out this article to learn more about the Envato Elements license terms.

Envato Tuts+

Envato Tuts+
Envato Tuts+

It is basically the online courses, If you want to do courses on design All the digital assets that you are able to see here, You’ll find its relevant courses If you are looking for a course on Photoshop or a course on Illustrator,

So you’ll find courses for it and there are good courses Coding, photos, videos, business-related topics are not available, Music, audio, motion graphics, There are mostly good courses related to design Coding related courses are decent Business-related courses are not that good There are how-to tutorials, guides, text guides and e-books, for free, in this subscription

Pros and Cons

Here’s a quick overview of the pros and cons of Envato Elements:


  • you don’t get any download limit, You can download, as much as you want, there’s no limit to it
  • Verified and high-quality assets.
  • Affordable pricing.
  • Extensive collection of resources for various creative needs.


  • Not all content from Envato Market is available in Envato Elements.
  • Limited support and automatic updates for WordPress themes and plugins.

Who is Envato Elements for?

Envato Elements caters to freelancers, digital creators, bloggers, designers, editors, content writers, and tech entrepreneurs engaged in online businesses. It’s a versatile tool and service that enhances productivity and creativity for a wide range of professionals.

Envato Elements vs. Placeit

Envato Elements and Placeit are both owned by Envato, but they cater to different needs. Placeit is more beginner-friendly, focusing on online mockups, video edits, and graphics. In contrast, Envato Elements targets professionals who prefer to download and edit assets using their preferred software.

Should you buy this?

If you are doing an online business whether freelancing, youtube or blogging It’s going to be a good tool for you If you are still not sure about this, then you can search on their website for free To find out, if you are making Vlogs, find the content accordingly, Search and find out your content accordingly If you find the subscription suitable according to your needs then you can go for it

You can register for a free account, You get 12 files monthly for free, So register for a free account, you’ll get 12 free premium files monthly with license If you want to know about this website in detail then you can refer to its review article on my website You can post all your questions in the comments, I’ll try to answer them and update it in my article regularly, You’ll get all latest opinions updated in the article.

So why I have purchased this?

I have purchased it initially in December 2019, I used it for 3 months only Then in August 2020, I took over its yearly subscription I use it for photos, illustrations, music, videos, edits, icons, If I have to teach someone, or to an intern, I can forward their courses to them for basics Then I can teach over the advance of that particular course Fonts are really good, photoshop actions, LUTs So for me, it’s a one-stop solution At one place, I can download everything, premium assets with license

Envato elements worth it

Yes, it is worth the price without any doubt In $16.50 per month, you are getting various functions Unlimited options and downloads, so definitely it is worth it, If you have an online business, a freelancer, a creator or a blogger, so you an look forward to this So that’s all for this one.


  1. Is Envato Elements affiliated with Envato Market? Yes, Envato Elements is part of the Envato ecosystem, which includes Envato Market. While some content is shared between the two, Envato Elements offers a curated selection of assets with unlimited downloads through a subscription.
  2. Can I use Envato Elements assets for commercial projects? Yes, you can use Envato Elements assets in commercial projects, provided you adhere to the licensing terms. The single license you receive with each download allows for commercial use in one project.
  3. What’s the difference between Envato Elements and Placeit? Envato Elements focuses on providing a vast array of digital assets for download and editing in your preferred software. Placeit, on the other hand, offers online mockups, video editing, and graphics creation, making it beginner-friendly.
  4. Can I provide Envato Elements assets to my clients as a freelancer? Yes, you can provide Envato Elements assets to your clients with a sublicense. However, ensure that your clients understand the limitations, such as not modifying or reselling the assets.
  5. Is there a free trial for Envato Elements? While Envato Elements doesn’t offer a traditional free trial, you can register for a free account to access 12 premium files monthly with licenses. This provides an opportunity to explore the platform before committing to a subscription.

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