The 10 most iconic

Christmas trees in the world

Gubbio, Italy

A massive lighting installation on the slopes of Mount Ingino outside the city of Gubbio, in Umbria, Italy. It is not a traditional Christmas tree but is incredibly iconic and the tallest on the list

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Rockefeller Center, New York

The Norway spruce at Rockefeller Center, New York City, is one of the most famous Christmas trees in the world, with a height between 70 to 100 feet.

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Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon, Rio de Janeiro

The world’s largest floating Christmas tree, in Rio de Janeiro’s Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon, usually soars 70 metres in the air and is lit up with nearly a million LED lights.

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Capitol Hill, Washington D.C.

Every year since the mid-’60s, a big tree-lighting ceremony has taken place on Capitol Hill. The trees usually flash in every hue imaginable, and are always suitably OTT.

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Zócalo, Mexico City

Mexico City’s major square is adorned in all manner of extravagant lighting and tinsel around Christmastime. At its centre, a 40-metre-high tree towers high above pretty much everything else.

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Puerta del Sol, Madrid

Visitors and locals alike flock to this regal square in the Spanish capital to check out its annual festive light display, which is always centred around a huge, resplendent tree.

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Strasbourg Christmas Tree, France

A famous Christmas tree in Strasbourg, France, known for its beautiful lighting and festive atmosphere

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Red Square, Moscow, Russia

A festive and iconic Christmas tree at Moscow's Red Square, complete with a massive ice skating rink and a festive market

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Trafalgar Square, London

Some 8,000 people Google ‘Trafalgar Square Christmas tree’ every month throughout the festive period – and for good reason: it’s always friggin’ beautiful.

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