How to Create Beatbox Routine for Beginners in Hindi – MTV Hustle Beatboxing

How to Create Beatbox Routine for Beginners in Hindi – MTV Hustle Beatboxing

How to Create Beatbox Routine for Beginners in Hindi - MTV Hustle Beatboxing

 Hi guys aaj mein batane wali hun beatbox routine so guys aapne bhot sare song sikhle honge or aap confused ho ki ye sound use kahan pe Kare matlab routine kaise banau routine pe hota kya hai

Mein ismein yahi batane wali hun routine kaise banate hai or routine mein hota kya hai
Routine matlab kya khud ke pehaichan matlab Alain ke khud ki pehaichan hai matlab ki tiger short or machine gun isitrah nepon ke bhi kuch beatbox routine hai matlab ki you can roll like this, earthquake ye sab uski routine hai isitrah aapko khudki bhi routine banani padegi log aapko pehaichan sake

Routine two types ki hoti hai
1. Musical Routine
2. Technical Routine

Musical Routine: 

Musical routine means jaise Gene karta hai friends Gene ek bhot bada beatboxer hai oh bhot hard wali beatboxing karta hai uski music routine Dekho uski sahil wali beat hai. Check out this video 

Technical routine: 

Fast beatboxing alien Technical routine banata hai ekdam fast wali routine banata hai. Music Dalna padega Check out this video 

Basically guys routine bananekeliye uske aaandar bhi kuch part hai oh aapke uper depending hota hai ke oh Musical routine ya technical routine banana hai

Is do routine mein major part hote hai
INTRO – BUILD UP – DROP – OUTRO istrah ke part hote hai

For example guys aapk ek dishe bana rahe ho to usme masalonko majoring baraber hona chahiye na usi trah routine main INTRO – BUILD UP – DROP – OUTRO same proposition mein hona chaiye tabhi aapka routine acha hoga

INTRO – INTRO means ek tune aap ek gana lete ho shape of you uska jo INTRO kya hai aapke INTRO mein bhi music INTRO rahaiga oh aap per depending hai ki aap kaise INTRO daloge

BUILD UP  : build up means kya us routine ko kya mein BUILD up  kar rahi hun
Mein ye fast pf kar rahi hun matlab uske baad drop aata hai

DROP: DROP means INTRO se match hona chahiye tab routine acha sound karega. Routine groove sound karega 

OUTRO: outro means routine end karna

Routine karne ke liye aapko istrah se INTRO – BUILD UP – DROP – OUTRO karna padega 

Check out this video guys you clear all doubt 

How to Create Beatbox Routine for Beginners in English – MTV Hustle Beatboxing

how’s it going so no matter how different or unique a professional beatboxer is one thing that all of the pro beatboxers have in common is that they all have their own beatbox routines and if you knew where – beatboxing you might be thinking Kevin what’s a beatbox routine and by the way that’s a good question a beatbox routine is the complete opposite of a beatbox freestyle because a beatbox freestyle is when you make it all up on the spot a routine is a complete planned out beatbox song that you create yourself 

 today in this tutorial I’m gonna be teaching you the simplest methods on how you can create your own beatbox routines so let’s get into this alright so this tutorial is gonna be broken down into two different parts 

the first part of this tutorial is the planning process where I give you some information that you’re going to need in order to help you plan out the beatbox routine that’s perfect for you and 

the second part of this tutorial is the creating process where I teach you how to take everything that you’ve planned out and actually use it to create your beatbox routine for real and bring it to life alright so 

the first step to creating a good beatbox routine is the planning process and this is the part where you plan out which chowder of music you’d like to create and how you’re gonna go about creating now if you’re interested in creating a dubstep a trap or a drum and bass routine then I’ve actually made the toils on how to create all three of those genres of music and I’ll leave those down in the description so then you can watch those tutorials then come back here and learn how to piece them together in a routine but if you’re interested in creating a different genre of music for your routine then I would suggest going on Google and searching up how many beats per minute that job music is and the beats per minute just in case if you don’t know beats per minute is how fast or slow a certain style of music is and this is good to know so you’ll know how fast or slow to make your routine and I perfectly understand that just looking at a number on a screen to be a very hard way to determine how fast or slow a song is supposed to be so I’ll help you out with that what you could do is get the metronome app in the App Store okay and let’s just say for example your song is 120 beats per minute so what you want to do is type in 120 and set it to that speed and if you click play it’ll click along to the speed that you’re supposed to go see this can be very helpful another thing 

I would suggest doing to help you plan your routine out is to maybe listen to different songs of that genre of music and use them as inspiration so you’ll know which beatbox sounds would be good to include in your routine alright so now that I’ve taught you how to plan out your routine now I’m going to get into teaching you how to actually start creating your routine and one thing to make creating a routine easier is by thinking of it like it’s a real song because in reality it is a song it’s a song that you’re making up with your own beatboxing and the reason why I want you to compare your routine to a real song is because both your beatbox routine and a real song you would hear on the radio have a certain structure with many different parts and what I mean by that is if you turn on the song on the radio all songs are going to be structured a certain way and there’s gonna be different parts to it like there’s gonna be an intro there’s gonna be verses a chorus a bridge all that type of stuff and your routine is gonna be 

set up kind of like that – now the simplest of routines are generally set up like this first you start off with an intro then you have your beginning beat then you have your build up you have your drop and then you have your finish where you wrap it all up and how this tutorial is going to work today is I’m going to teach you one step time how you can do each individual part of the routine 

I’ll first start off by teaching you how to make an intro then I’ll teach you how to do the beginning beat then I’ll teach you how to do the build up the drop and then the finish and then I’ll show you how it should sound wanted to put all together and how I’m going to show you how to sound when it’s put all together is while I’m conducting this tutorial I’m gonna make up a routine of my own using the steps and I’m teaching you so you wouldn’t see my steps in action and how they can truly work to help you create a routine of your own and now I’m gonna start this off by teaching you how to create an intro for your routine alright so generally in a beatbox routine the whole point of your intro is to set the vibe and ease people into what you’re about to do so 

there are two different ways that people normally do this the first way a good intro can be done is by doing a cool sound effect like just like that and there are many other cool sound effects that you can do as well but if you would like to learn the one that I just did then I actually made it tutorial for it a while ago it’s called the Sega sounds and I’ll leave a link to that tutorial down in the description and the second way to do a good intro is to just do a very basic melody you know little to no drums this is a good way to start everything off so that could sound a little something like alright so now that I’ve taught you how to do an intro I’m gonna move on and teaching you the second part of a routine which is the beginning beat and 

just like the name says the beginning beat is still at the beginning of the song so that means it’s still going to be on the simpler side but keep in mind when you’re doing a routine the song slowly builds up until it gets to the highest point which is the drop so you’re gonna want your beginning beat to become more complex as it goes on so maybe start off with something simple like and then maybe build it up a little bit by and some more complex drums like and then once you progress your beginning beat enough you’re eventually gonna make your way over to the third part of the routine and this is what’s called the build up and the build up is the most suspenseful part of the routine because you’re getting ready for the highest point which is the drop so to prepare everybody listening for the drop and to make everybody get really excited there are a few things you could do to build up suspense in your beat 

for example one thing you can do is to over exaggerate your beatboxing sounds one thing I usually use in my build ups is heavy breathing like and another thing you can do to build up excitement is to put fast beatbox combos in your build up the simplest one to use in my opinion are be TK’s and it’s called be TK’s because it’s literally like which literally sounds like BTK and you can make those go really fast like just like that you can add something like that into your build up and if you’d like to learn another fast combo then I actually did make a tutorial called how to beatbox faster I’ll leave a link to that in the description if you’re interested in learning but here’s my build up all right so now we’ve officially built the whole song up and that finally brings us to our drop now this is the most exciting part of the song this is the part of the song you get to show off all you got it doesn’t matter if you want it to be about the melody it doesn’t matter if you want it to be all about the heavy bass just give it all you got now for me 

I generally like my drops to be about the heavy bass so generally what I do is I take the bass sounds that I know and I over exaggerate them like to make it even heavier so since the drop can get pretty intense especially if you’re trying to make your bass pretty heavy and over exaggerate your sounds you’re gonna be letting out a lot of air so you’re also going to need to be taken in a lot of air to even out your breathing so while you’re doing a lot of those heavy basses like some good ways to take in air are number one you can add in some breathing to it like or you can even do inward snare sounds like that’s the pest NER or the n-word kay like in order to take in air while you’re beatboxing so by the way the drop that I made up should sound a little something like all right so now that I’ve taught you how to do a drop we’re finally moving on to the last part of the beat which is called the finish 

basically in this part of the beat you just slow everything down wrap it up and bring the beat to an end and you can do this by progressively making the beat more and more simple as it goes on until eventually it’s just done with you know you can possibly just add less drum sounds to the beat you can space out the different beatboxing sounds even more whatever you want to do to make your beat more simple for me my finish sounds a little something like this just like that and it’s done with so if you take my advice and follow all my steps for creating a good simple routine you should be seeing some good results with time and remember how at the beginning of this tutorial I said that I’m gonna follow my own steps and create a routine as I go along to show you that what I’m teaching you actually works well here’s what my routine