All Rap Song by Rapper Shloka – MTV Hustle

All Rap Song by Rapper Shloka – MTV Hustle

All Rap Song by Rapper Shloka - MTV Hustle

Garda udega : All Rap Song by Rapper Shloka – MTV Hustle

Shlok sakshaat taandav kare shabdon se, 
bhakshan beat ka daanav sa, 
Naache magan, cheere gagan pagla ye 
lakshan dikhta na maanav ka, 
Khaya nahi khauf kiya andekha sabko, 
Ye gir jayega aisa andesha, 
Kandhe ka taaqat jimmedaari se na bhaga kabhi, 
Dekh karamaat is bande ka, 
Ek agan jali kalam bani Kalam chali to gir Gaye charan sabhi, 
Sharam nahi jo dikhlai dil todne me, 
Aaj mujhe call kare karamjali, 
Khoya kise, kise paya koi gam nahi, 
Bhale rishton me mere abhi anban kai, 
Suna hai ki dukh bechne se hote viral, 
Chor mere bechne ka abhi koi mann nhi, 
Rakhtchaap badha Mach gyi khalbali, 
Rakhtpaat hoga faili hui sansani, 
Pashchaataap bhoga kitne hi karmo ka, 
Akasmaat aise aa gye din nahi, 
Aadhi baat aadha chhand aadha kissa abhi baaki aadha, 
Abhi aadhi geet kya bole beat sun 
dhinak dhinak dhin dhaa dhaa,

All Rap Song by Rapper Shloka - MTV Hustle
Garda urega (say what) garda urega (aye yo) 
garda urega (skrraaa) garda garda gardaa urega 
Chadm samaaj meri le pareeksha, 
Ghante ka gyaan ye kare sameeksha, 
Satya sunau satya dikhau tabhi 
gaane aaeene dikhe wastavikta, 
“Wasseypur” ye rap scene mere liye 
koi Ramdheer mujhe Kya bolega, 
In Defineton’ ko dekh Meri Nagma pooche 
khoon tera kab Faizal khaulega, 
Keh mat kuch mujhe pata Meri kshamtaa, 
Jehmat kiye bina koi nahi banta, 
Rehmat nahi mehnat ki ye janta, 
Barkat mila sang maai ki mamta, 
Bramh banne ko nikal pada hu kyuki 
lage moh mithya ye jag mithya, 
Nyayadheesh bane hue asal nakal kar 
bna diya hip hop nagan nritya, 
Kitne takht meri cheekh se gire pade, 
Kitne bhakt meri geet se bane pade, 
Kaun jaane kaise pahuncha yaha tak 
Kitne rakht k neer hain bahe pare, 
Apno ne bheda, zakhm kureda, 
sapno ko cheda aur diye mujhe saare dard,
Dadaaji kahe the bachpan me hi 
gir ke na uth paya fir kaisa mard, 
Garda urega (say what) garda urega (aye yo) 
garda urega (skrraaa) garda garda gardaa urega

KAHAAN BHAAGE RE MANN –  कहां भागे रे मन – All Rap Song by Rapper Shloka – MTV Hustle

Kahaan bhaage re mann chale 
Jaaye kidhar jaane mera yeh meri sune naa
Kahaan aaya yeh raahein lage maya raat dhali 
aankhein kyun yeh moonde naa
Kahaan bhaage re mann chale
Jaaye kidhar jaane mera yeh meri sune naa
Kahaan aaya yeh raahein lage maya
Raat dhali aankhein kyun yeh moonde na
Kahaan aaya…

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Jiya ho bihar ke lala shloka lyrics All Rap Song by Rapper Shloka – MTV Hustle

Rapper Shloka – MTV Hustle

Biography Rapper Shloka – MTV Hustle

All Rap Song by Rapper Shloka - MTV Hustle

Rahul Karn was born into the middle-class family of Bihar. He grew up and did primary study from his hometown. Moreover, He is graduated in the stream of commerce. Rahul was very interested in singing since childhood.
At a very young age, Rahul has decided to pursue his full-time career in hip-hop singing. Moreover, He was supported by his family and friends. Also in a very short time, Rahul Karn has earned mastery in rap-singing in Indian style.

In 2019. Shloka became the part of India’s first rap reality show ‘Hustle’ hosted by MTV. He is one of the strongest contestants among many others. Also, He received huge appreciation for his hip-hop talent.
He also joined the Hip Hop crew named ‘5 Tricks’ in Bihar. Along with it, He used to create and upload rap song on their official youtube channel. By the time, Rahul became very popular for his rap songs with the stage name ‘Shloka’.

Hustle Starting Rapper Shloka – MTV Hustle

Rahul Karn aka Shloka was born and brought up into the Darbhanga, Bihar. He completed his schooling from the M.L. Academy Laheriasarai Darbhanga. After then, He did a bachelor of commerce from the Lalith Narayan Mithila University.
In 2019, Shloka gave auditions for India’s first rap television reality show ‘Hustle’ featured by MTV India. Rahul Kumar Karn has been selected among top 15 contestants in the show ‘Mtv Hustle‘. He gave his outstanding performance in each of the episodes. He became one of the strongest contestants of the show among others, such as M Zee Bella, King Rocco, RCR, Void, and EPR.
Rahul was very interested in singing since his childhood. In 2016, Rahul has started writing rap and used to record rap songs in audio form. According to him, At that time, there is no internet availability in his village. So, He used to went to the internet cafe and listen to music.
Shlok of Kharajpur, a small village in Darbhanga, has managed to make his place in the top five of ‘MTV’ reality show ‘Hustle’. According to Shloka, even if he did not win, it is a matter of pride to reach here out of one and a half lakh contestants. They also do not forget to say that this is only the beginning, they are preparing to illuminate the name of their state in the coming times.

When did you dream of becoming a rapper? Rapper Shloka – MTV Hustle

I was fond of writing since childhood. I used to write a lot of poems, short stories, stories. I was fond of listening to rap since seventh grade. Been listening since then but did not mind writing rap. One day I was playing a beat like this. I read my work on it. He sat very right. All my friends were sitting there, they heard and said that it is sounding very right. Nothing like this has happened in India. I started from there. In the beginning I used to record on phone and put it on YouTube. This is the matter of 2015.

Which issues related to Bihar are close to your heart? Rapper Shloka – MTV Hustle

Illiteracy, unemployment, youth who migrate to another state. I raised all these issues in my song Halsal. No company wants to come to our state because there is too much crime. Along with the government, we are also guilty. The root of all evil is illiteracy. If you have the right education, you will choose the right government. In the right way you will think about things. I will keep doing something for my state till my last breath. I want to see a similar rapper from Bihar come on the reality show Hustle next year too. I could not win the final due to not being able to handle the pressure, but he should win. There are two captives from Bihar, which I am eyeing. I will prepare them. Will try There is a desire to create an industry like Punjab by increasing the hip hop scene in Bihar.